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Ziggy Anthology

Various demo and alternate recordings



Covers Available


Source: Studio Sound Quality: CCCCC Art Work: CCC


Track Listing


Ziggy Stardust (Demo)

All The Young Dudes

Holy Holy


Hang On To Yourself (Alternate Version)

Velvet Goldmine

Lady Stardust (Demo)

Looking For A Friend

Round And Round

Port Of Amsterdam

Sweet Head

Moonage Daydream (Alternate Version)

The Supermen (Alternate Version)

The Shadowman


Devil's Address


The Devil's Address is not Bowie but from the Stage One mini album by Marizane.  With Bowie producer Tony Visconti at the helm, along with the classic rock space oddity imagery---nevermind the fact that singer Todd Jaeger sounds just like him---it's hard not to make the comparison.