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Victims Of Fashion VCD



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Source: Various Sound Quality: CCCC

Video Quality: CCC

Art Work: CCCC

The sound for tracks 1-7 is very good but there is a fault and the rest of the audio tracks are unbearable.

Video clips except clip 2 are good (as far as Quicktime movies go)


Track Listing (Audio)


1973 radio ad for Pin Ups (hidden track taken from RarestOneBowie CD)

Andy Warhol (BBC Studio T1, Kensington House, London, UK on 21 September 1971)

I Am Divine (not Bowie on lead vocals 1 )

Panic In Detroit (live in 1974)

Standing Next To You - (live with Marc Bolan, September 1977)

Laser Love ( live with Marc Bolan, September 1977)

Bang Bang (taken from the promo CDS, live in Montreal on 30 August 1987)

I Am With Name (4.00 version without spoken intro)

A Small Plot Of Land (perhaps from Basquiat soundtrack)

The Heart's Filthy Lesson (recorded during Bowie's 50th Birthday Bash on 9 January 1997 at MSG, New York, NYC, USA)

Little Wonder (recorded during Bowie's 50th Birthday Bash on 9 January 1997 at MSG, New York, NYC, USA)

Suite For A Foggy Day (from the album Red Hot & Rhapsody with Angelo Baldalamenti, by Gershwin)

Fame (beatnick 1999 remix)

Call Out Research Hook #1 (commercial cut)

Call Out Research Hook #2 (commercial cut)


Track Listing (QuickTime Movie)


Little Drummer Boy

Miracle Goodnight

Black Tie White Noise

Seven interview clips, some nice jpeg files and other stuff


It is the "hidden" track (can only be found by rewinding starting at track 1) on Ava Cherry's People From Bad Homes 1


ReadMe.txt file:


Welcome to the David Bowie multimedia track (15).
What will you find here?

First of all you'll find in the folder "BOWIE-JPG", a very nice collection of 13 pictures
taken at the Capitol Ballroom, Washington, DC, on September 7, 1996. You can view and print
these pictures, convert them to 'bitmap files' and put one on your desktop. Looks smart.
The "I-View32" folder contains the best picture viewer at the moment, in case you don't have
one! So install this one before you open the JPG files. You can even make your own

The Basquiat.dat file contains the teaser trailer of the movie Basquiat. You can watch this
clip on your pc as follows:
-close all other aplications
-(set your screenssize to 640 x 480 (800 x 600 max!)
-(select 256 colours)
-start any multimedia -movie player
-open file "Basquiat.dat", press Play and enjoy.....

The "Xing3" movieplayer is provided incase yours won't run...