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Very Early

The definitive collection of David's early material



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Source: Studio Sound Quality: CCCCC Art Work: CCCC


Track Listing


Davie Jones And The King Bees (Nov '63 – Aug '64)

Liza Jane (Leslie Conn)

Louie Louie Go Home (Paul Revere & The Raiders)


The Manish Boys (Aug '64 – Apr '65)

I Pity The Fool (Bobby Bland)

Take My Tip (David Jones)


Davy Jones – Demo 1965 (Band Unknown)

That’s Where My Heart Is (David Jones)

I Want My Baby Back (David Jones)

Bars Of The County Jail (David Jones)

I’ll Follow You (David Jones)

Glad I’ve Got Nobody (David Jones)


Davy Jones / David Bowie And The Lower Third (Mar '65 – Jan '66)

You’ve Got A Habit Of Leaving (David Jones)

Baby Loves That Way (David Jones)

Over The Wall We Go (David Jones)

Can’t Help Thinking About Me (David Bowie)

And I Say To Myself (David Bowie)


David Bowie (With The Buzz) (Feb '66 – Dec '66)

That’s A Promise (David Bowie)

Do Anything You Say (David Bowie)

Good Morning Girl (David Bowie)

I Dig Everything (David Bowie)

I’m Not Losing Sleep (David Bowie)