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Source: Broadcast Sound Quality: CCCCC Art Work: CCCC

A nationally syndicated radio program from Jones Radio Networks, NY, USA distributed a 3-part/3 hour program.  Produced by David Bales and Dan Neer.  Aired on 3 consecutive weeks in July 2002.


Track Listing


Disc 1
Interview about Heathen & Tony Visconti, working with Pete Townshend and about Diamond Dogs
Slow Burn
A Better Future
Space Oddity
Ziggy Stardust
Suffragette City
The Jean Genie
Rebel Rebel


Disc 2
Interview about the cover of Diamond Dogs, the origin of the song Fame and about Brian Eno
Diamond Dogs
Young Americans
TVC 15
Sound And Vision
Boys Keep Swinging


Disc 3

Interview on keeping his audience, on how Earthling came about and about Heathen and its cover
Ashes To Ashes
Under Pressure
Modern Love
Let's Dance
China Girl
Jump They Say
I'm Afraid Of Americans
The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell