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This bootleg is an attempt to recreate David Bowie's deleted Toy album, enthusiastically recorded in July-October 2000, re-recorded in March-April 2001, but later shelved by Virgin and forgotten by David himself in favour of the 2002 Tony Visconti collaboration.



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Source: Studio Sound Quality: CCCCC Art Work: CCCC

I give 4/5 for the artwork, not because of the pictures but because the information on bootlegs is usually full of errors or absent altogether.  I think the pictures are gross.  The baby has been created from a Baby Bowie pic I saw on Bowie Wonderworld http://www.bowiewonderworld.com/.


Track Listing




London Boys

I Dig Everything

Can't Help Thinking About Me

Pictures Of Lily

Silly Boy Blue

Trying To Get To Heaven

My Death

Can't Help Thinking About Me/(Good Morning Little Schoolgirl) The Jean Genie

London Boys

I Dig Everything

Can't Help Thinking About Me

Heroes (rehearsal)

Heroes (Tibet)


Info from the inside sleeve.

A Tribute to David Bowie's Toy.

About the tracks:

Afraid.   An acoustic demo of one of the tracks of Toy presented to Bowienet as a Halloween teaser in 2000.

America (Simon).  A wonderful Simon & Garfunkel cover sung for New York City in October 2001.

The London Boys & I Dig Everything.  Tracks from Bowienet only Roseland show on 19 June 2000.

Can't Help Thinking About Me.  Taken from Vienna concert of ...hours minitour in 1999.   This version is interrupted by Bowie's explanation of what the song is about.

Pictures Of Lily (Townsend).  From Substitute, the tribute to The Who, Pictures Of Lily was actually recorded in the first phase of Toy sessions.

Silly Boy Blue.  Bowie's poignant performance in Tibet House Benefit' Concert on 26 February 2001.

Trying To Get To Heaven (Dylan).  Pre-...hours recording in 1998.

My Death (Brel/Shuman).  Not really from Toy, sung by Bowie in GQ Awards in 1997, nevertheless quite fitting the album.

Can't Help Thinking About Me/The Jean Genie.  Possibly the clearest marker of the genesis of Toy, a humorous ditty intro of a 1966 song Bowie sang before casual Jean Genie in San Francisco, 1997.

The London Boys & I Dig Everything.  Clone-like to Roseland, these tracks are from the BBC concert on 27 June 2000.

Can't Help Thinking About Me.  From VH1 storytellers 1999, Bowie explains why he won't be blamed for 'putting the 60's to their funeral'.

Heroes.   Rehearsal and performance versions from Tibet House Benefit Concert in 2001.