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To Have And Not Have



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Source: Various Sound Quality: CCCC Art Work: CCCC

Quite a strange collection really.   Sound is very good - also released as The Freakiest Show.


Track Listing


Five Years 1

Waiting For The Man 2

"Heroes" 3

What In The World? 3

Space Oddity 4

Spirits In The Night 5

Rupert The Riley 6

Miss Peculiar (aka How Lucky You Are) 6

Life On Mars? 7

Untitled (Edit) 8


Unreleased studio version from 1972 1

Recorded at the Nassau Veteran's Memorial Coliseum, Uniondale, NY, NYC, USA on 23 March 1976 2

Recorded at Earl's Court, London, UK on 1 July 1978 3

Recorded at the Marquee Club, London, UK 18-20 October 1973 (possibly 20 October 1973) 4

The artwork claims this is from the Trident Studio sessions in 1973.  However, reportedly recorded during the Diamond Dogs sessions at the Olympic Studios, Barnes, London in 1974.  I think this version may be the track from Ava Cherry's 'People Form Bad Homes' album.  Geoffrey MacCormack, Jason Guess and Ava Cherry (known collectively as the Astronettes) were the backing vocalists at the 1980 Floor Show on 18-20 October 1973. Bowie worked on an album for the group, but it was eventually dropped, only to resurface as an Ava Cherry album in 1995. 5

Songs (Time)

The songs written by David Bowie are I Am Divine (hidden track 0 on CD), I Am A Laser, People From Bad Homes, and Things To Do.

  1. I Am Divine (4:08)

  2. I Am A Laser (4:17)

  3. Seven Days (3:17)

  4. God Only Knows (3:33)

  5. Having A Good Time (3:40)

  6. People From Bad Homes (2:48)

  7. Highway Blues (5:23)

  8. Only Me (4:03)

  9. Things To Do (3:38)

  10. How Could I Be Such A Fool (2:51)

  11. I'm In The Mood For Love (2:26)

  12. Spirits In The Night (4:59)

Release details

Released 1995 by Griffin


David Bowie

Astronette Vocals

Ava Cherry, David Bowie, Geoff MacCormack, Jason Guess


David Bowie, Aynsley Dunbar, Herbie Flowers, Mike Garson, Mark Pritchard, Luis Ramirez

Unused Ryko bonus tracks 6

Peter Noone acetate 7

From the Black Tie White Noise sessions 8