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This Is Your Life

Various venues between 1964 and 1969



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Source: Audience Sound Quality: CCCCC Art Work: C


Track Listing


The Man Who Sold The World 1

John, I'm Only Dancing 2

Changes 2

The Supermen 2

All The Madmen 3

That's A Promise 4

The Revolutionary Song 5

All The Young Dudes 6

Cracked Actor 6

It's Gonna Be Me 6

Stay 7

Five Years 7

Look Back In Anger 8

"Heroes" 9

Karma Man 10

Breaking Glass 11

Fame 11

Space Oddity 12


Original single by Lulu in 1974 1

Music Hall, Boston, MA, USA on 1 October 1972 2

Demo from 1970 3

Demo from 1966 4

Japanese single from 1979 5

Universal Amphitheatre, Los Angeles, CA in September 1974 6

Dinah Shore Show, CBS USTV on 3 January 1976 7

'Intruders At The Palace', UK TV Show recorded at Dominion Theatre, London, UK on 1 July 1988 8

Bing Crosby Christmas Show on 11 September 1977 (broadcast on 24 December 1977) 9

Demo from 1970 10

Ekeberghallen, Oslo, Norway on 5 June 1978 11

Press conference at the Rainbow Theatre, London, UK on 23 January 1990 12



ROCK legend David Bowie dances seductively with stunning blonde dancer Louise Le Cavalier in an 8 minute spot he flew thousands of miles for.
Bowie, who commands 500,000 a show, appeared free at the charity show at London's Dominion Theatre in aid of an arts group.
The singer jetted from his Swiss home to take part in the routine with Louise, member of an erotic dance troupe. Their sexy act ended with a passionate kiss.