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The White Album

An interesting collection of David's early material



Covers Available


Source: Various Sound Quality: CCCC Art Work: CCC

100% Welsh production.


Track Listing


Even A Fool Learns To Love

Bars Of The County Jail

That's A Promise

Glad I've Got Nobody

I Want My Baby Back

Over The Wall We Go

I'll Follow You

Little Toy Soldier

Love You Till Tuesday (Demo)

Love You Till Tuesday (German Version)

Right On Mother

That's Where My Heart Is

How Lucky You Are

Tired Of My Life


Threepenny Pierrot


The Mirror

When I Live My Dream (From Threepenny Pierrot)

When I Live My Dream (German Version)

When I Live My Dream (Organ Version)

Buzz The Fuzz

The Supermen (Original Acetete)

Kooks (Demo)

Holy Holy