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The Konrads' Rehearsals 1963

A real piece of history



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Source: Broadcast Sound Quality: CCCC Art Work: CCCC

A few cuts but, considering its age, a superb nostalgic collection.

There are some doubts whether this is from 1963 and is from 1965 and consequently would not feature Bowie (Jones).

According to Ruud Altenburg's fine discography website David Bowie - Illustrated db Discography > Songs: B:

Baby It's Too Late Now: released as a single (CBS 201812) by Bowie's former group The Konrads in 1965, backed by 'I'm Over You'. A second single (Decca 32060), 'I Didn't Know How Much' b/w 'I Thought Of You Last Night', was released in Canada in the same year.  In 2003, much to everyone's surprise a Konrads rehearsal tape was said to have found its way into the collector's circuit.  Not long after, the bootleg Ziggy Final Farewell 1973 (Rattle Snake RS 313/32) appeared, containing seven songs supposedly recorded in 1963.  According to the liner notes, these tracks were "The Konrads rehearsals, Bromley Scout Hut, South London, July-August 1963."  The following titles are given to the seven tracks: The Better I Know/Now I'm On My Way/Baby It's Too Late/I'm Over You/Judgement Day/I Don't Know How Much/I Thought Of You Last Night.   With the inclusion of four songs that were released in 1965, it is clear that these songs were recorded during a 1965 studio session without Bowie.

Another Bowie fan who uses the pseudonym clarkgwent on Mind-Warp Pavilion claims on 2 September 2007 that "I own the original recording of this and can tell y'all a little bit about it. It was all recorded in 1965 and none of it features Bowie. The original CD that was given to me by the session's engineer didn't include 'I Thought Of You Last Night'. I added that on from the 7" single. I only ever gave one copy of this to somebody, on the strict understanding that it shouldn't be copied. This at the request of the engineer that originally gave it to me. So much for that..."

Well peoploids, you decide for yourself!


Track Listing


The Better I Know

Now I'm On My Way

It's Too Late

I'm Over You

Judgement Day

I Didn't Know How Much

I Thought Of You Last Night