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The Electric Score

Glastonbury Fayre Festival, Worthy Farm, Pilton, Somerset, UK from 20-24 June 1971



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Source: Vinyl Sound Quality: CCCCC Art Work: CCCC

Occasional clicks from the original vinyl, particularly at the very start of Disc 2


Track Listing


Disc 1 Disc 2

Dark Star - Grateful Dead

Glad Stoned - Daevid Allen & The Gong

Love Song - Brinley Schwarz

Buried Fielding - Daevid Allen & The Gong

A Blanket In My Muesli - Mighty Baby

Flash And Fresh - Daevid Allen & The Gong

Sunken Rags - Marc Bolan

Fest Footprint In - Daevid Allen & The Gong

The Supermen - David Bowie

My Memory - Daevid Allen & The Gong

Siver Machine And Welcome - Hawkwind

Uncle Harry's Last Freak Out - The Pink Faries

Sun Music - Skin Alley

Do It - The Pink Faries
Out Demons Out - Edgar Broughton Band

And they called Bowie weird....lol!


Various Artists: Revelations - A Musical Anthology For Glastonbury Fayre
(Revelation REV 1/2/3), 1972 (UK).

The Supermen.

Bowie was one of the acts playing the Glastonbury Fayre Festival in 1971, performing the following set on 23-06-71: Oh! You Pretty Things/Kooks/Changes/Amsterdam/The Supermen/Memory Of A Free Festival/Song For Bob Dylan; judging from a recording at the Radio Geronimo website, also 'Bombers' was performed. To this 3LP he contributed a live-in-the-studio version of 'The Supermen', recorded during a break in the Ziggy Stardust sessions. This version later appeared as a bonus track on the Rykodisc re-release of Hunky Dory. Other artists on the album include hippie favourites such as The Grateful Dead and Hawkwind. The complete artwork included a silver & black cardboard piece which could be assembled into a pyramid, a booklet explaining artist contributions to the album and a 30 page concert booklet.

In the 1990s, this album has three times unofficially been reissued on CD: on Buccaneer BUC 029/2 (second), on a CD without record label or catalogue number (often referred to as The Electric Score, which is printed on the back; third) and as Glastonbury Fayre (FEST 1/2; bottom). All three were taken from the LP (rather than the master tapes) and include 'The Supermen'.