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The Spiders From Aylesbury

Friars Club, Aylesbury, UK on 25 September 1971



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Source: Audience Sound Quality: CCCC Art Work: CCCC

This one adds a USA radio interview from Jan/Feb 71, other than that it's the same recording as on the Closer To The Golden Dawn bootleg.  Label DBUK-7109.


Track Listing

Fill Your Heart (2:36)

Buzz The Fuzz (3:01)

Space Oddity (4:18)

Amsterdam (3:08)

The Supermen (2:44)

Oh! You Pretty Things (3:12)

Eight Line Poem (2:47)

Changes (3:43)

Song For Bob Dylan (3:53)

Andy Warhol (2:47)

Queen Bitch (3:01)

Looking For A Friend (3:15)

Round And Round (3:23)

Waiting For The Man (3:53)