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Source: Broadcast Sound Quality: CCCC Art Work: C

Some slight distortion on Howerd Stern show


Track Listing


Clapping 1

Intro - Sigma Sounds Intro...'false way of providing anecdotes' 1

Dead Man Walking 1

'...Memories of Goldfish' 1

Always Crashing in the Same Car 1

'...clothes' 1

ID Break 1

Back with Bowie 1

I Can't Read 1

...on Austin Powers 1

...riffs and Jimmy Page 1

...radio mime and Chekov's 'The Seagull' 1

The Supermen 1

Chattin' about 'Cash' 1

Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) 1

End Bit about Philly 1

WXPN Phila PA 88.5 outro 1

Howard Stern's birthday party intro 2

Fame 2

...about 'live from the Phila Spectrum', selling the catalogue 2

I'm Afraid of Americans 2

'goodbye'...would you 'shag' Bowie, Robin? 2

Special Tape' birthday greeting from Pam & Tommy 2

WYSP FM outro 2


Interview and studio session recorded at Sigma Sound Studios on 2 October 1997 for WXPN in Philadelphia, PA, USA and broadcast on 17 October 1997 1

Hammersmith Ballroom, New York, NYC, USA on 29 January 1998 for the Howard Stern Show, US TV, broadcast on 5 February 1998 2