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A collection of mixes, remixes and outtakes



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Source: Studio Sound Quality: CCCCC Art Work: CCC


Track Listing


The Hearts Filthy Lesson - Trent Reznor mix

Dead Man Walking - House mix

I'm Afraid Of Americans - From Showgirls soundtrack

A Small Plot Of Land - From Basquiat soundtrack

Little Wonder - Junior Club mix

Seven Years In Tibet - Mandarin version

Strangers When We Meet - From Buddha of Suburbia soundtrack

Telling Lies - Adam F mix

Nothing To Be Desired - Outside outtake

Get Real - Outside outtake

Hallo Spaceboy - Pet Shop Boys remix

The Hearts Filthy Lesson - Rubber mix

I'm Deranged (Edit) - From Lost Highway soundtrack

Planet Of Dreams - From Long Live Tibet

I'm Afraid Of Americans - Trent Reznor remix