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Reality In Mermaidland

Forum, Copenhagen, Denmark on 7 October 2003



Covers Available


Source: Audience Sound Quality: CCCC Art Work: CCC

Some clicking through the first 3 tracks but then settles.  Much improved on the first disc I received - thank you Savage Jaw.


Track Listing


Disc 1 Disc 2
Intro She'll Drive The Big Car

New Killer Star

Ashes To Ashes


Never Get Old
Fame Pablo Picasso


Fantastic Voyage

Battle For Britain (The Letter)

I'm Afraid Of Americans
Fall Dog Bombs The Moon Rebel Rebel

Breaking Glass



Heathen (The Rays)

The Man Who Sold The World


Hallo Spaceboy

Slip Away

Under Pressure

Hang On To Yourself


Let's Dance

Bring Me The Disco King

Ziggy Stardust