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Pixies, Elves & Gnomes

Wembley Arena, London, UK on 26 November 2003



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Source: Audience Sound Quality: CCCCC Art Work: CCCCC


Track Listing


Disc 1 Disc 2


Ashes To Ashes

Rebel Rebel

Be My Wife

New Killer Star

Fantastic Voyage
Reality She'll Drive The Big Car (False Start)
Fashion She'll Drive The Big Car (Cut)
Cactus The Jean Genie
Hang On To Yourself


Starman I'm Afraid Of Americans
China Girl "Heroes"

The Loneliest Guy

The Man Who Sold The World


Hallo Spaceboy

White Light, White Heat


Five Years

Band Intro

Suffragette City

Under Pressure

Ziggy Stardust

Life On Mars?


Excerpts from BowieNet:


Five Years... That's not all we got. DB on the second night of Wembley.


Screaming above Central London...

Sorry for the delay in posting this one folx, I've been waiting for the results of a black and white roll of film I shot, and hopefully you'll think the result (above) was worth the wait.

There were numerous changes to the setlist last night compared to the previous evening's entertainment. These changes included one song, Starman, which must be just about the last of the rehearsed songs. Having said that, I know there were some fans outside that managed to hear another song being soundchecked that wasn't played on the night... and it wasn't Win!


"And just in time for Christmas... I give you The Reindeer!"

The audience were up for it again, and proved that at least David Bowie fans aren't "too London" to have a good time.


"I may be afraid of Americans, but flying cars don't bother me none!"

For me this was the end. No Glasgow trip possible so last night at Wembley was the culmination of my Reality tour. After 9 gigs (not including Poughkeepsie and Riverside), 12 flights, one hospital visit and more trains, buses and taxis than I care to look at my bank balance over, for me it ended last night in London.

As he raised his arms and sang the last words at the end of Ziggy I shed a happy tear for all the friends I’ve made and songs I’ve heard. It wasn’t the first tear shed. Five Years in Lyon saw to that. Then there was almost getting thrown out of the gig during NKS in Copenhagen, getting lost in Rotterdam, getting elbowed in Frankfurt, 9 hours of driving for Hanover, group hugs and tits out (Keiths’, not mine!) in Manchester, at the front again in Dublin (Eamonn rocks!)… the list goes on and on. So much has happened since October 7th. I stepped into Wembley Arena last night with a huge amount of personal sadness that it was all about to end.

The show has become so familiar, but no less thrilling, to me. The music starts and David's voice booms out something along the lines of: ‘That’s good, let’s try that again’. The lights go out and the animation starts. Rebel Rebel (usually!) opens the show perfectly.

I had hoped tonight would be different to Tuesday’s show since the second nights played in the same venue usually are: I wasn’t disappointed. Fashion instead of Fame, Big Car, an early inclusion of Hang on to Yourself, Be My Wife, Jean Genie, White Light White Heat and Starman for the first time on this tour! It’s always a pleasure to hear Fantastic Voyage too. I’ve never been so floored by a vocal as I am by Gail’s in Under Pressure, the notes she hits are quite astounding. Every member of the band fits perfectly and certainly Gerry has added a dimension to the music I’ve never heard before.


"But I never wave bye bye..." DB says goodnight to Wembley.

It seemed to me that seeing both nights at Wembley presented a complete picture of the show. The audience, shackled by seating and over zealous security, were appreciative though I was surrounded by the kind of fan who is rather happy to hear the hits and has a bit of a sit down during the songs they don’t know. You could spot every BNetter in the audience a mile off: they were the ones punching the air during the ‘ready, set, go!’ portion of NKS!

Seeing DB in such a mainstream venue it did make me think about his appeal and the reaction to Life on Mars was the best example of it. There’s something about LOM at the moment that is really getting to me: I can barely get through it without choking up, something that has never happened before to me. Seeing the massive sing-a-long and standing ovation I realised that DB, to us, is this familiar character who every so often tells us silly jokes, hangs out a bit on the MBs and plays shows for us alone. To the other 95% of the audience last night he was an untouchable icon, they were listening to one of the greatest songs ever written and couldn’t quite believe he was standing right there belting it out. When you're in a massive arena and he's being appreciated by 10,000 it makes you realise who he really is.

Watching him hold every single person in Wembley enraptured was wonderful and it made me even more grateful that I’ve been able to share so many moments like that over the last 7 weeks.

My thanks go to: David and the band; to my BNet family who made me so welcome in so many European destinations; tvqb and coco for the best after party in history and to Blammo for putting up with my incessant waffling.

Now we’re sending DB across the ocean to carry on this amazing spectacle outside Europe. Treat him well, look after his voice and his belt, enjoy the rest of the tour. I know you will. Bye bye David, we love you.