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Pinups 3

A variety of other artists' songs covered by Bowie



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Source: Various Sound Quality: CCCC Art Work: CCC

A nice attempt at the artwork, trying to use themes from Pinups but the quality of the original pictures used is far from ideal.  The subtitle is 'Raise Arms'.  Typical of this series, there are mistakes on the sleeve.  These tracks are all available elswewhere.  All in all a forgettable recording - for the completists among us!

I am over-critical because it is a pirate recording as well as a bootleg.  To add further insult to injury, it is a cheap CDR designed to dupe the unsuspecting Bowie collector into thinking they have a silver CD.  This practise is particularly distasteful.


Track Listing


Shakin' All Over

Originally recorded by Johnnie Kidd & The Pirates.  Tin Machine recorded live in 1991 (venue unconfirmed).

Bang Bang

Originally recorded by Iggy Pop.  Taken from the 'Never Let Me Down' album.

Waiting For The Man

Originally recorded by The Velvet Underground.  Recorded live in 1976 (venue unconfirmed).

Criminal World

Originally recorded by Peter Goodwin.  Taken from the 'Let's Dance' album.

20th Century Boy

Originally recorded by T Rex.  Recorded with Placebo at the Brit Awards, Earl's Court, London, UK on 16 February 1999.

Maggie's Farm

Originally recorded by Bob Dylan.  Tin Machine recorded live in 1989 (venue unconfirmed).

Fill Your Heart

Radio session 1972 (venue unconfirmed).


Dick Cavett Show, NBC, New York, NYC, USA on 4 December 1974.

Round And Round

Originally recorded by Chuck Berry.  B-side to Drive In Saturday, released by RCA in the UK, April 6, 1973.  Cut in 1971 during the Ziggy sessions at Trident Studios, London.

I Can't Explain

Originally recorded by The Who.  Recorded live in 1983 (venue unconfirmed).

Kingdom Come

Originally recorded by Television.  Taken from the album 'Scary Monsters'.

It Ain't Easy

Sleeve notes originally recorded by the Kinks, which is completely false.  The original songwriter is Ron Davies, not Ray Davies (of the Kinks).  In 1973, a Frenchman named Alain Kan performed a cover of It Ain't Easy in French (called appropriately Pas si facile). Apparently, Kan never released another song.  This version is from John Peel's Sunday Concert, Paris Cinema Studios, London, UK on 5 June 1971.

Growin' Up

Originally recorded by Bruce Springsteen.  1974 outtake, which appeared on the EMI/Ryko re-release of Pinups.

Moon Of Alabama

Originally recorded by The Doors.  Recorded live in 1978 (venue unconfirmed).

Sister Midnight

Originally recorded by Iggy Pop.  Recorded live in 1976 (venue unconfirmed).