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Pinups 2

A variety of other artists' songs covered by Bowie




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Source: Various Sound Quality: CCCC Art Work: CCC

A nice attempt at the artwork, trying to use themes from Pinups but the quality of the original pictures used is far from ideal.  Furthermore, there are mistakes in the liner notes and on the tray.  The subtitle is 'Heads Down'.  As the tracks are from different live sources there are gaps between the tracks which could have been managed better and the sound volume varies considerably.   All in all a forgettable recording - for the completists among us!

I am over-critical because it is a pirate recording as well as a bootleg.  To add further insult to injury, it is a cheap CDR designed to dupe the unsuspecting Bowie collector into thinking they have a silver CD.  This practise is particularly distasteful.


Track Listing


Lust For Life

Originally recorded by Iggy Pop.  Recorded live at the Phoenix Festival, Long Marston, UK on 19 July 1997.

Working Class Hero

Originally recorded by John Lennon.  Recorded live by Tin Machine during 1989.

It's Hard To Be A Saint In The City

Originally recorded by Bruce Springsteen.  An outtake from the Pinups sessions.


Originally recorded by The Pixies.  Recorded live by Tin Machine during 1991.

If There Is Something

Originally recorded by Roxy Music.  Recorded live by Tin Machine during 1991.

I Wanna Be Your Dog

Originally recorded by The Stooges.  Recorded live in Sydney during 1987.

Like A Rolling Stone

Originally recorded by Bob Dylan.  Taken from Mick Ronson's album 'Heaven and Hull'.

White Light White Heat

Originally recorded by The Velvet Underground.  Recorded for BBC Radio 1, London, UK on 8 January 1997.

Pictures Of Lily

Originally recorded by The Who.  Taken from the album 'Tribute To the Who'.

Neighbourhood Threat

Originally recorded by Iggy Pop.  Taken from the album 'Tonight'.

I Feel Free

Originally recorded by Cream.  Taken from the album 'Black Tie White Noise'.

Let's Spend The Night Together

Originally recorded by The Rolling Stones.  Recorded live at the Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK on 2 or 3 July 1973.

Knock On Wood

Originally recorded by Eddie Floyd.  Recorded live at the Tower Theatre, Philadelphia, PA, USA on 12 July 1974.

I Keep Forgettin'

Originally recorded by The Easybeats.  Taken from the album 'Tonight'.

Everything's Alright

Originally recorded by The Mojos.  Recorded live at the 1980 Floor Show, Marquee Club, London, UK during August 1973.