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Pierrot In Turquoise VCD

Rare and unreleased material from David's formative years

This is a copy of Looking Glass Murders



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Source: Studio Sound Quality: CC

Video Quality: CC

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Track Listing


When I Live My Dream


The Mirror

Threepenny Pierrot

When I Live My Dream


Scottish TV programme, UK (8th July 1970)

LOCATION: Filmed at Gateway Theatre in Edinburgh (01-02-70).
INCLUDES: Bowie plays the part of Cloud in this pantomime devised by Lindsay Kemp. He also contributed with the soundtrack for the programme (When I live My Dream/ Columbine / The Mirror / Threepenny Pierrot / When I Live My Dream-again). Other actors were Lindsay Kemp (Pierrot), Annie Stainer (Columbine), Jack Birkett (Harlequin) and Michael Garett (Piano Player). It was designed by Ken Wheatley and directed by Brian Mahoney.
ADDITIONAL FACTS: "The Looking Glass Murders" was originally titled "Another World" and it was a new adaptation of the play "Pierrot In Turquoise". Bowie had already played the part of Cloud in "Pierrot In Turquoise" together with the Lindsay Kemp Mime Group at a couple of theatres in 1968 (at Oxford Playhouse 28th December 1967, Rosehill Theatre in Whitehaven 3rd to 5th of January 1968, Mercury Theatre in London 5th to 16th of March 1968 and Intimate Theatre in London 26th to 30th of March 1968), so he was no stranger to the role.