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...Pas Alcohol!

Palais Omnisports de Bercy, Paris, France on 21 October 2003



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Source: Audience Sound Quality: CCC Art Work: CCCC

Too much bass spoils what could have been a great recording!.


Track Listing


Disc 1 Disc 2
Intro I'm Afraid Of Americans
New Killer Star "Heroes"
Pablo Picasso Heathen
All The Young Dudes Crying Crowd
I've Been Waiting For You
Fame Encore:
Cactus Always Crashing In The Same Car
China Girl Hang On To Yourself
Hallo Spaceboy Ziggy Stardust
Under Pressure Crying Crowd
Band Introduction
Sound + Vision
Breaking Glass
Breaking Glass (stopped)
Be My Wife
Ashes To Ashes