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Paris Zenith

Le Zenith, Paris, France on 24 & 25 September 2002



Covers Available


Source: Audience Sound Quality: CCCC Art Work: CCC

Unsure of the source - gaps between the tracks make me wonder about mp3 and some cuts in Rebel Rebel Disc 4 spoil the collection - there may be more but I cannot be bothered to listen to it all.   You're better of with First Night At The Zenith and I’ve Been Waiting For You Paris.   Yet again the Aspect Ratio of the graphics spolis the covers.


Track Listing


Disc 1 - 24 Sep 02 Disc 2 - 24 Sep 02 Disc 3 - 25 Sep 02 Disc 4 - 25 Sep 02
Life On Mars? Afraid Sunday Let's Dance
Ashes To Ashes Fashion Absolute Beginners Rebel Rebel
Survive Rebel Rebel Alabama Song "Heroes"
Breaking Glass "Heroes" Ashes To Ashes Heathen (The Rays)
Cactus Heathen (The Rays) Changes Encore
China Girl Encore Breaking Glass Speed Of Life
Slip Away A New Career In A New Town Cactus Sound And Vision
Fame Sunday I Would Be Your Slave Survive
I'm Afraid Of Americans Hallo Spaceboy China Girl Stay
5:15 The Angels Have Gone Everyone Says 'Hi' Starman Look Back In Anger
I've Been Waiting For You Let's Dance Slip Away Everyone Says 'Hi'
Ziggy Stardust I'm Afraid Of Americans Hallo Spaceboy
5:15 The Angels Have Gone Moonage Daydream
I've Been Waiting For You Ziggy Stardust