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On The Rox

Tin Machine at the Roxy Theatre, West Hollywood, CA, USA on 16 & 17 June 1989



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Source: Audience Sound Quality: CCC Art Work: CCC


Track Listing


Disc : Round One - 2240 hours Disc 2: Round 2 - 0050 hours
Introduction Introduction
Sacrifice Yourself Sacrifice Yourself
Heaven's In Here Heaven's In Here
Amazing Working Class Hero
Working Class Hero I'm Sorry
Tin Machine Bus Stop (Kentucky Version)
Prisoner Of Love Bus Stop 2
I'm Sorry I Can't Read
Bus Stop (Kentucky Version) Run
Bus Stop 2 Pretty Thing
Run Crack City
I Can't Read Baby Can Dance
Baby Can Dance Under The God
Pretty Thing Heaven's In Here 1
Crack City
Under The God


1st International Rock Awards, New York, NYC, USA on 31 May 1989 1