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No Ziggy, No Iggy - Just A Tin Machine

Tin Machine at the Docks, Hamburg, Germany on 22 June 1989



Covers Available


Source: Vinyl Sound Quality: CCC Art Work: CC

Each disc recorded as 2 tracks from the 2LP vinyl album but with some hiss at times.  The complete concert from Hamburg, with some bonus tracks. I'm Sorry 1 is from the sound check the same day, and Crack City & Video Crimes 2 are recorded off the official promo video for the first album. A re-issue was released (the same cover was used) in 100 numbered copies, on coloured vinyl and with printed black and white picture labels. A very nice re-issue indeed! The sound quality is very good on this album, and is without discussion the best album from the short 1989 tour.


Track Listing


Disc 1 Disc 2
Amazing I Can't Read
Sacrifice Yourself Baby Can Dance
Heaven's In Here Pretty Thing
Working Class Hero Crack City
Tin Machine Under The God
I'm Sorry I'm Sorry 1
Bus Stop (Kentucky Version) Crack City 2
Bus Stop Video Crimes 2
Maggie's Farm
I Can't Read
Baby Can Dance

Sound check earlier in the day 1

Taken from the official promo video for the first album 2