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Source: Various Sound Quality: C - CCC Art Work: CCC

The sound quality is variable throughout, but given the technology of the time, his is hardly surprising.  There are rare demos of Changes and Eight Line Poem that make this a worthwhile disc for the ardent collector.   Most other tracks are available on other compilations.


Track Listing


Lightning Frightening (Alternate Mix)

The Man (aka Shadowman)

The Supermen

He Was Alright (Demo Alternate Mix)

Rupert The Riley (Version 1 - Alternate Mix)

Tired Of My Life

Changes (Demo)

Miss Peculiar (Nick King All-Stars)

Bombers (Demo)

Looking For A Friend (Bowe Vocal)

Eight Line Poem (Acetate)

Sadie's Song (aka Toy Soldier - Riot Squad)

My Death (Russell Harty Show)

Kooks (Demo)

Right On Mother (Demo)

Amsterdam (Demo)