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Mark & Lard 17 November 2003

Mark & Lard Show, Oxford Road Studios, Manchester, UK


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Four part interview recorded just prior to the MEN sound check.


David Bowie made a guest appearance on Radio 1 at the Oxford Road Studios in Manchester on the Mark'n'Lard Radio Show this afternoon.


David Bowie popped into the studios at 2pm for 45 minutes with a film crew in tow and chatted about all sorts ranging from...Mark Radcliffe's excellent arts programme about the Lowry, followed by a spot of wine tasting...blow-up Reality sex toy...his '56 Supro guitar...Link Wray...iTunes...downloading music...they played the Rachel Stevens (with the Andy Warhol sample) which David liked...coffee drinking...eating spaghetti...packing in smoking...fashion and clothes...Kendals shopping...The Office on DVD and not buying a house in Amsterdam.

After the interview, David then popped back on air to wish Gae (Blam's wife) a get well message and a speedy recovery after her recent operation.


Web cam shots during the interview:

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