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Los Angeles 83

Anaheim Stadium, Anaheim, CA, USA on 9 September 1983



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Source: Audience Tape Sound Quality: CCC Art Work: CC


Track Listing


Disc 1 Disc 2
Look Back In Anger Station To Station
"Heroes" Cracked Actor
What In The World Ashes To Ashes
Golden Years Space Oddity
Fashion Band Introductions
Let's Dance Young Americans
Breaking Glass Fame (cut)
Life On Mars? Modern Love (cut)
Cat People (Putting Out Fire)
China Girl
Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)
Rebel Rebel
White Light White Heat


After he had played for 150,000 people at the US Festival and 2 sellout concerts in the Forum, LA's hunger for Bowie was still not satisfied.  So this concert was added to the tour schedule, in the gigantic Anaheim Stadium with a seating capacity of 73,000.  70, 089 tickets were sold; the unsold tickets were for seats with rather a poor view - so it was virtually sold out.

Overall the sound is quite listenable but the tape plays too slow.  There are occasional handling noises.  Let's Dance and Space Oddity are included in the show but omitted from the cover art.  The announcement and the beginning of Look Back In Anger are missing.  During China Girl, Bowie sings 'oh baby, just you shut your mouth' high-pitched and with a Chinese accent.   Only the start of Fame is on the recording and the end of Modern Love.