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Live At Trafic Musique VCD

Trafic Musique, France2 TV, France broadcast on 18 September 2003



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Source: Broadcast Sound Quality: CCCCC

Video Quality: CCCC

Art Work: CCCCC

Worth collecting if only for a permanent reminder of Gail's Cleaveage...lol!  Also funny to see David trying to understand French and his amusement at how the Vittel logo has been removed from the video and his bottle of water.  Again I am indebted to Teri Varhol and Tungsten for the artwork.


Track Listing


Disc 1 Disc 2
Introduction Interview (French overdubbed)
New Killer Star Mick Rock Interview (French overdubbed)
Never Get Old Fashion featuring Damon Albarn
Interview (French overdubbed) Malcolm McLaren
Vittel Advert Francoise Hardy
Interview (French overdubbed) The Dandy Warhols - We Used To Be Friends
Salvadore Dali The Dandy Warhols - The Menace Of The World (The ManWho Sold The World)
Interview (French overdubbed) Air
The Butterfly Is The Knife - Moby 2 Many DJs (Belgian brothers Steven and David Dewaele, better known as the guitar band Soulwax) - Werchter Festival 2003
Moby Interview (French overdubbed) Days
Tonight With Cliff Michelmore (prevention of cruelty to long-haired men - Bowie aged 17) Fall Dog Bombs The Moon
Interview (French overdubbed)
She'll Drive The Big Car
Modern Love
Interview (French overdubbed)
La Mort (Jacques Brel)/My Death (Bowie)