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I am very proud of my Bowie collection.  Through their knowledge and enthusiasm, many people have made it possible.  Thanks guys!

Below are some useful reference sites:


Graphically Yours Ode To Joy

Little Oogie's David Bowie Site


- www.david-bowie.net
- www.helden.org.uk
- www.angelfire.com/la2/zic/index.html
- www.chezlaurent.com

- www.illustrated-db-discography.nl/
- www.algonet.se/~bassman/

Fan sites:
- www.bowiefun.com
- www.bowielive.com
- www.saloca.stardust.nom.br
- www.teenagewildlife.com
- www.bowieaudio.com
- www.bowiewonderworld.com
- www.steeoui.de
- www.bowie.dk
- www.littleoogie.com

Other tongues sites:
- www.manofmusic.com (french)
- www.velvetgoldmine.it (italian)
- www.davidbowie.dk (german)

::Starman:: (in spanish)  www.elforo.de/starman