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Leave Him Alone

Deutschlandhalle, Germany on 16 May 1978 1



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Source: Audience Sound Quality: C Art Work: CCC

This has to be a strong candidate for the poorest bootleg in the world!  The sound quality for München is marginally better but there is a lot of skipping during the final track


Track Listing


Disc 1 Disc 2
Warszawa 1 Suffragette City 1
Heroes 1 Art Decade 1
What In The World? 1 Alabama Song 1
Be My Wife 1 Station To Station 1
The Jean Genie 1 Rebel Rebel 1
Blackout 1 Station To Station 1
Sense Of Doubt 1 Stay 1
Speed Of Life 1 Suffragette City 2
Breaking Glass 1 Art Decade 2
Fame 1 Alabama Song 2
Beauty And The Beast 1 Station To Station 2
Band Intro 1
Five Years 1
Soul Love 1
Star 1
Hang On To Yourself 1
Ziggy Stardust 1


Recorded live at the Deutschlandhalle, Germany on 16 May 1978 1

Recorded live at the Olympiahalle, München, Germany on 20 May 1978 2


During the recording of Station To Station a boy in the first row got so excited that he got onto his seat and started jumping up and down on it.  This annoyed the people behind him and instantly a security guard showed up to make him sit down.  The bouncer did not succeed right away and gave the boy a couple of blows.  Bowie saw and took fire at once.  The band stopped playing while Bowie called out 'No, no, stop!  Leave him alone!'.  So the bouncer left him alone and Bowie shook hands with the boy before continuing the concert.  The band tried to gather up the threads of Station To Station, but couldn't, so they played Rebel Rebel.  Here Bowie talks a lot but on the tape one can't hear too well.  The extras are Station To Station (all of it, this time!) and Stay.  During these songs that same boy was frantically jumping up and down on his seat again but now all the rest of the audience joined him.