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Live In England 1971

Kingston Polytechnic, London, UK on 6 May 1972


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Source: Audience Sound Quality: C Art Work: C

Taken for a rumoured album for a very long time, but it's rarity depends on the fact that when it was packed, it was mixed up with an other WIZARDO album with KISS or Beach Boys! The matrix number and the number on the insert are not the same. Maybe this helped to create some confusion during the packing? The sound quality is in the "head-ache" category, but the disc is still very rare! WIZARDO WRMB 504 A/B (505 A/B) LP released in 1975.


Track Listing


Ziggy Stardust

Song For Bob Dylan



I Feel Free

Moonage Daydream

White Light White Heat

I Gotta Get A Job

Five Years

Rock'n'Roll Suicide