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Live At Kingston Polytechnic Vol One

Kingston Polytechnic, London, UK on 6 May 1972


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Source: Audience Sound Quality: CCC Art Work: C

The same concert as on the LP Live In England, but in much better sound quality. "I Feel Free" is listed on the cover, but is not on the album. It is the first song on the second volume. This disc together with Volume 2 closes a big gap in the early Ziggy days, and is a really fine pair of bootlegs! Both volumes have the wrong concert date; it was recorded on the 6th. The insert is home-made, and the person who made it doesn't seem to have cared for the product (at least he/she didn't listen to it), because "I Feel Free" is still listed on it! See also the LP Live Kingston Polytechnic Vol 2.   Released 1980 - POLY 1 A/B.


Track Listing


Hang On To Yourself

Ziggy Stardust

The Supermen

Queen Bitch

Song For Bob Dylan



Five Years

Spcae Oddity

Andy Warhol