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KGCD Recordings

(100% Welsh)


Audio CDs

KGCD-01 Aladdin Sane to Ziggy Stardust
KGCD-02 StationToStationDavidBowie
KGCD-03 Let’s Dansk
KGCD-04 LCD - Live Copenhagen Denmark
KGCD-05 Sit Down You Motherfuckers
KGCD-06 The Tin Machine Is Coming Down...
KGCD-07 We’re Not Famous…But Our Clothes Are
KGCD-08 Jordal, I’m Only Dancing
KGCD-09 Demanding Billy Dolls


Paris Fashion


Bloody Your Hands


Twinkle Twinkle Waterfront
KGCD-13 Waiting In The Wings
KGCD-14 Meltdown 2002
KGCD-15 Fucking Hell…Jagger’s On!
KGCD-16 1980 Floor Show Outtakes
KGCD-17 Say Hallo To Marie

From Factory To Field

KGCD-19 Lavender Blue
KGCD-20 The White Album
KGCD-21 Back At The Beeb
KGCD-22 Herbal Lobster
KGCD-23 Twinkle Twinkle Uncle Max
KGCD-24 NEC Birmingham 20 Mar 90
KGCD-25 Regis & Kelly 10 Oct 02
KGCD-26 StationToStockholm
KGCD-27 Lavender Green
KGCD-28 Turn And Turn Again
KGCD-29 Last Night In Philadelphia
KGCD-30 The Philadelphia Tea Party
KGCD-31 Gonna Hit Brique City
KGCD-32 Edmonton 1983
KGCD-33 Funk To Forum
KGCD-34 David Live 2002
KGCD-35 Denver 2002
KGCD-36 Serious Moonlight Vancouver
KGCD-37 Just The Power To Charm
KGCD-38 The Glass Spaniard
KGCD-39 Crushed Actor
KGCD-40 I'll Never Touch You
KGCD-41 Stafford 78 First Night
KGCD-42 Stafford 78 Second Night
KGCD-43 Stafford 78 Third Night
KGCD-44 More Idols Than Realities

Video CDs

KGVCD-01 Love You Till Tuesday
KGVCD-02 Giving You The Low Down


KGDVD-01 Sweetly Reminiscent