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Keep On

Stadion Feyenord, Rotterdam, Holland on 26 June 1983 1



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Source: Audience Sound Quality: C Art Work: CCC

An absolutely dreadful recording.  Disc 1 is split into 3 tracks, with a blank final track.  Disc 2 is split into 6 tracks, again the final track is blank and the disc hasn't been edited.


Track Listing


Disc 1 Disc 2
Intro/The Jean Genie 1 Station To Station 1
Star 1 Cracked Actor 1
"Heroes" 1 Ashes To Ashes 1
What In The World? 1 Space Oddity 1
Golden Years 1 Young Americans 1
Fashion 1 TVC 15 1
Let's Dance 1

Fame 1

Breaking Glass 1 Stay 1
Life On Mars? 1 The Jean Genie 1
Sorrow 1 Modern Love 1
Cat People (Putting Out Fire) 1 Bonus Tracks:
China Girl 1 Bowie: Claridges 2
Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) 1 C Alomar: Gothenburg 3
Rebel Rebel 1 Earl Slick: IDEM 4
White Light White Heat 1 Allan Edwards: Rotterdam 5
Bowie: Cinivisie 6

Bowie: Claridges on 17 March 1983 2

C Alomar: Gothenburg in June 1983 3

Earl Slick: IDEM 4

Allan Edwards: Rotterdam on 25 June 1983 5

Bowie: Cinivisie on 26 June 1983 6



During the band introductions he starts, 'Thank you very much indeed, good evening.  Um, I'd like to introduce my band to you, but as I don't speak your language I have somebody here who will translate', and he brings Carlos Alomar forward.  'Okay, I'd like to introduce you to my band' and Carlos translated it into Spanish, which although it sounded quite funny, was unintelligible for the audience.  This continues throughout the introduction with Bowie laughing a lot.   Finally after all the messing around, each member of the band has been introduced, but then the inflatable balloon rolled into the audience, probably due to the wind.   'No, I didn't mean that, give it back', Bowie shouts and the front lines of the audience bounce it back.  Bowie immediately returns the balloon to the crowd and starts Young Americans.

During Young Americans he sings, 'Do you remember President Reagan?', not Nixon.