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Japan 1983

Budokan Arena, Tokyo, Japan on 20 October 1983



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Source: ?Soundboard Sound Quality: CCCC Art Work: CCC


Track Listing


Disc 1 Disc 2
Intro Station To Station
Look Back In Anger Cracked Actor
Heroes Ashes To Ashes
What In The World? Space Oddity
Golden Years Band Introduction
Fashion Young Americans
Let's Dance Fame
Breaking Glass Star
Life On Mars? Stay
Sorrow The Jean Genie
Cat People (Putting Out Fire) Modern Love
China Girl
Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)
Rebel Rebel
White Light White Heat


This has been transferred from a 2 LP vinyl recording (CAKO Records Inc) and each side has been recorded as a single track.  The cover art has been adapted from the original LP cover.  This sounds as if it may have come from the mixing desk and is very good sound quality, bordering on excellent.  You can here little static crackles from the vinyl - pure nostalgia!

Star is sung during the show and not Ziggy Stardust, as stated on the cover.  However, Bowie ends Star by singing 'Ziggy played guitar'.

After Heroes Bowies says some Japanese and greets the enthusiastic audience.  Bowie starts the band introductions in Japanese but cannot recall the Japanese words for all of the instruments, so he resorts to pointing to each band member and calling out their respective names.