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It's A Pain Jane

NEC, Birmingham, UK on 19 November 2003



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Track Listing


Disc 1 Disc 2


The Motel

Rebel Rebel

Loving The Alien

New Killer Star

Never Get Old
Reality Changes
The Jean Genie I'm Afraid Of Americans
Fame "Heroes"
Cactus/Afraid (False Start) Bring Me Disco King
China Girl Slip Away


Heathen (The Rays)


Five Years

The Loneliest Guy

Suffragette City

The Man Who Sold The World

Ziggy Stardust

Hallo Spaceboy


Band Intro

Under Pressure

Life On Mars?

Ashes To Ashes




DB shows off his new flying saucer hairdo in Birmingham
this evening. Picture by BowieNetter Adeline Cantais.


David Bowie played the first of two shows at the NEC in Birmingham this evening, on what was his bass player's 41st birthday. Isolated pockets of the audience were determined to let Gail know that they knew it was her birthday, and the lovely lady spent much of the evening wearing her best Cheshire Cat grin as a result.

There was some typically playful behaviour from David, including the acceptance of a letter from a girl at the front, which he tried, unsuccessfully, to return to her to look after, and there was also the generous offer of tea and cakes for everyone present.



David's sonic trick with the microphone stand during Hallo Spaceboy seems to be a regular feature of the song now... Never let it be said that this man doesn't have great mic technique. The one thing I'm hearing from fans on a regular basis is how David is in magnificent voice right now, and indeed, just how good this band is.

David broke the run of three nights of the same set with an impressive 28-song set that witnessed the return of Disco King, Slip Away and Heathen in the first half of the encore, with the usual three Ziggy songs performed for the second half of the encore.


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