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Heroes DVD

Recorded at various venues (see bottom of page)


Covers Available


Source: Audience Sound Quality: CCCC

Video Quality: CCC

Art Work: CCCC

Appears to be a copy of 1977 DVD.


Track Listing


Sense Of Doubt clip from Rykodisc promo video ‘It’s Time To Watch’

“Heroes” promo sessions

Bing Crosby’s Merrie Olde Christmas on 11 September 1977

Marc Bolan Show on 28 September 1977

Dutch TV unused footage to promote “Heroes” in October 1977

Dutch TV TopPop presentations for Low & “Heroes” albums in October 1977

Different angles to unused footage

Heroes Dutch TV TopPop in October 1977

Heroes BBC Top Of The Pops original master broadcast on 19 October 1977

Heroes BBC Top Of The Pops featuring pre-song off-camera chat

Clip of Bowie at Marc Bolan’s funeral

USA TV Dinah Shore Show with Iggy Pop on 15 April 1977