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God I'm So Pissed!

The Nokia Isle of Wight Festival, Newport, Seapark Close, Isle of Wight, UK on 13 June 2004



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Track Listing


Disc 1 Disc 2
Damn Damn Damn Station To Station
Intro I'm Afraid Of Americans
Rebel Rebel "Heroes"
New Killer Star
Cactus Encore:
Sister Midnight Heathen (The Rays)
All The Young Dudes Suffragette City
Fame Ziggy Stardust
China Girl
The Man Who Sold The World
The Loneliest Guy
Hallo Spaceboy
Band Intro
Under Pressure
Ashes To Ashes




Guardian of a loved-up isle...

David Bowie had the unenviable task of following a 2-1 England defeat in the Euro 2004 Cup match at the hands (or should that be feet) of the French football team, for his concert at the Nokia Isle of Wight Festival in the UK last night.

However, the spirits of a generally disappointed 35,000-strong crowd, (who had just watched the game live on screens at the gig) were lifted completely the moment DB took to the stage, with his customary: "Hello Isle Of Wight, you crazy mother-fuckers!"

Those famous initials were still fresh in the minds of the audience who gasped a collective moan of disbelief when that other DB, David Beckham, missed a penalty for the England side. This was one of the few references Mr Bowie made to the football when he said something along the lines of: "I'm not the only famous person with the initials DB in England, you know... But, I'm the only one who'll wake up with his balls intact tomorrow." - Something like that.

Anyway, he made what seemed to be one more little reference directly after The Loneliest Guy when he explained: "I'm not really lonely at all and I'm hardly sad, even though my initials are DB."


"You're going home in a f***ing ambulance...etc." DB spies
BNetter Celine and assorted French types in the IOW crowd.**

David, who headlined the three-day event, travelled over the water to the tiny island by ferry for the gig and was reported in the UK tabloid The Daily Star thus: David Bowie shelled out 13 for a ferry ticket to the Isle of Wight festival as he's scared of flying. Brave move considering one fan, dressed in a bunny suit, is following his every move. Gold dust tickets were selling for 2000 on Ebay. Hmmm, no comment.


DB enjoying the quote from this morning's Independent.

Lots of reviews of David's performance have popped up already, and I've provided links to them at the end of the piece. But here's one paragraph from this morning's Independent that kind of sums everything up:

But even the fanatical crowd of Saturday night displaying a thousand variants on T-Shirts emblazoned with "The Who", had to concede that David Bowie, closing the festival last night, was the reigning monarch of this assemblage of rock royalty.

Also thanx to Celine for the picture above (among others she sent in) and BowieNetter iforgot, who has posted tons of great shots on the MBs which members can find by searching iforgot by username with the MBs search function.


"Far out in the red-sky. Far out from the sad eyes. Strange, mad celebration. So softly a supergod strums..."