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Glasgow Apollo Second Night

Apollo Theatre, Glasgow, UK on 20 June 1978



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Source: Audience Sound Quality: CC Art Work: CCC


Track Listing


Disc 1 Disc 2
"Heroes" Band Intro
What In The World? Five Years
Be My Wife Soul Love
The Jean Genie Star
Blackout Hang On To Yourself
Sense Of Doubt Ziggy Stardust
Speed Of Life Suffragette City
Breaking Glass Art Decade
Fame Alabama Song
Beauty And The Beast Station To Station
TVC 15
Rebel Rebel


Another recording from this night is known as Ice on the Cages.  TV Eye (ZIC) offers this info which helps identify the date of this recording:

Here's some stuff I managed to decypher:

**a man shouts "bowie (clap clap clap)" five times and yeeeah in the beginning of sense of doubt
**after sped of life a female voice shouts "we want ziggy"
**"ziggy" shouted twice repeatedly between "i'll never touch you" of breaking glass
**bowie says "thank you for coming, we'll be back with you in a few minutes time" in the end of beauty and the beast
**band intro during the intro of five years:"sean mayes on the piano, simon house on violin, carlos alomar on rhythm guitar, dennis david - drums, george murray - base guitar, keyboards and synthesizers - roger powell, guitar - adrian belew", and right after those words starts singing
**bowie says "just watch me now" in the end of star
**"ziggy, are you there" or "ziggy, i don't care" by a male voice in the audience in the beginning of ziggy stardust
**bowie ends with "thank you, [something], good night"