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Track Listing


All The Young Dudes (Bowie): With Mott The Hoople, 1972

I Got You Babe (Bono): Duet with Marianne Faithful for 1980 Floor Show in October 1973


Lulu: Singles released, produced, arranged and performed by Bowie in 1974 :

The Man Who Sold The World (Bowie)

Watch That Man (Bowie)

Dodo (Bowie): Demo in duet with Lulu, 1974


Peace On Earth – Little Drummer Boy: Duet with Bing Crosby recorded for a TV show in 1977

Madman (Bolan/Bowie/Harley): Covered by The Cuddly Toys in 1980

Play It Safe (Pop/Bowie): From Iggy Pop’s album Soldier (1980) Bowie & Simple Minds on backing vocals

Cool Cat (Queen): Queen outtake from 1981 with Bowie on backing vocals

Imagine (Lennon): Played live only once, in Hong Kong, Coliseum on 8 December 1983 during the Serious Moonlight Tour

Dancing In The Street (Hunter/Stevenson/Gaye): Duet with Mick Jagger for Live Aid, 13 July 1985


Adrian Belew: Songs from Young Lions Album (1990)

Gunman (Bowie/Belew): Bowie on lead vocals

Pretty Pink Rose (Bowie/Belew): Duet with A. Belew


The King Of Stamford Hill (Gabrels/Bowie): From R. Gabrels’ album The Sacred Squall Of Now (1995)

Planet Of Dreams (Bowie/Dorsey): Released for the charity album Long Live Tibet (1997)

Truth (Goldie): Bowie on lead vocals on this track from Goldie’s album Saturnz Return (1998)

Jewel (Gabrels): From R. Gabrels’ album Ulysses Dela Notte (1999) features D. Grohl, F. Black & D. Bowie on vocals

20th Century Boy (Bolan): Performed with Placebo at the Brit Awards on 16 February 1997