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First Night At Wembley 2003 DVD

Wembley Arena, London, UK on 26 November 2003 1


Friday Night With Jonathan Ross, BBC1 TV, London, UK 2


Covers Not Yet Available


Source: Audience 1 & Broadcast 2 Sound Quality: CCC 1 & CCCC 2

Video Quality: CCC 1 & CCCC 2

Art Work: Not Yet Available

Amateur footage from handheld camcorder.


Track Listing


Disc 1 Disc 2

Intro 1

Life On Mars? 1

Rebel Rebel 1

Ashes To Ashes 1

New Killer Star 1

Be My Wife 1
Reality 1 Fantastic Voyage 1
Fashion 1 She'll Drive The Big Car 1
Cactus 1 The Jean Genie 1
Hang On To Yourself 1

Afraid 1

Starman 1 I'm Afraid Of Americans 1
China Girl 1 "Heroes" 1

The Loneliest Guy 1

White Light, White Heat 1

The Man Who Sold The World 1

Five Years 1

Hallo Spaceboy 1

Suffragette City 1

Sunday 1

Ziggy Stardust 1

Band Intro 1

New Killer Star 2

Under Pressure 1

Interview 2

Modern Love 2


For tonight's broadcast of David Bowie's appearance on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross on BBC 1 they aired 2 of the 3 songs performed - his next single 'New Killer Star' and the classic 'Modern Love'.

During the recording of the show, which consisted mainly of Bowie fans, David and the band also performed a tight version of 'Never Get Old', which sounded fabulous.  I was reliably informed that this track will be aired on the show at a later date.

In between songs and banter, David and the band also played the beginning of Blur's 'Song 2'.

Jonathan's enjoyable interview with David was slightly edited.   It's a shame they didn't show David do his levitation act and a few other funny comments passed between the pair.