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Unreleased Tracks - Eno/Bowie/Cale

It is generally agreed that the first 3 tracks that relate to Bowie are indeed fake



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Source: Studio Sound Quality: CCC Art Work: CC


Track Listing


Unknown 1

Unknown 1

Unknown 1

Fun Time 2

Fear 3

Worlds And Music 4

Strong Flashes Of Light 5

More Volts 5

Mist/Rhythm 5

Evening Star 6

Melancholy Waltz 6

The Secret 6

Don't Look Back 6


Outtakes from Bowie's albums Low and Lodger 1

Studio outtakes with Iggy Pop and David Bowie  2

Studio outtake or soundboard live in 1975 with John Cale 3

Talking and music form the album Wrong Way Up - John Cale  4

From the UK Eno Box only 12" Rarities 5

From the album Music For Films - Brian Eno  6