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Edinburgh 83

Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh, UK on 28 June 1983



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Source: Audience Sound Quality: CCCC Art Work: CCC


Track Listing


Disc 1 Disc 2


Station To Station

The Jean Genie

Cracked Actor


Ashes To Ashes


Space Oddity

What In The World?

Young Americans
Golden Years TVC 15



Let's Dance

Breaking Glass The Jean Genie

Life On Mars?

Modern Love


Cat People (Putting Out Fire)
China Girl

Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)

Rebel Rebel

White Light White Heat


When the concerts in Wembley and Birmingham were sold out, the 3 Milton Keynes concerts were inserted to meet the demand for tickets.  But Murrayfield was added in response to the many letters of complaint from Scotland and North England - an area which the tour managers had overlooked.  It was the first time that Murrayfield was used to house a concert.

Oddly enough, one can hear that the audience is Scottish - like the Glasgow 73 tapes, it contains a special type of hysteria, which is typical of Scotland and is heard nowhere else.  A very good atmosphere, the audience applaud and sing along with many a song, for instance Life On Mars.  After Breaking Glass Bowie saw that in the front people were getting squashed.  'Thank you.  Hey listen you guys.  No seriously.   Don't push too much down there, 'cause somebody will get hurt, and we don't want anybody to get hurt, OK.  I'd appreciate it, thank you'.  During Ashes to Ashes the globe balloon bursts which is accompanied by enormous cheering.  A new balloon was brought in, so there were 2 now - one burst and one good one.  During the band introductions, Bowie starts, ''Thank you, I'm sorry about the rain.  But er...can I introduce my band to you?  On keyboards and synthesisers, David Le Bolt.  On saxophones, Lenny Pickett, Stan Harrison and Steve Elson.  On guitar Carlos Alomar.   On bass Carmine Rojas.  On guitar, Earl Slick.  On drums...stop talking (laughs), on drums Tony Thompson.  On vocals Frank and George Simms'.  He continues, 'I've got 2 worlds here.  This one here...I think we'll send this one to President Reagan and we'll keep the good one for us.  This is a song about the nicer Americans in life'..

A rare moment after Modern Love.  Grateful and full of enthusiasm, Bowie cries, 'Thank you Scotland!  Goodnight'.  In none of the 83 concerts did Bowie say goodbye to the audience as far as I know.