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Detroit 83 1st Show

Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, MI, USA on 30 July 1983



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Source: Audience tape Sound Quality: CC Art Work: CCC


Track Listing


Disc 1 Disc 2
Intro Station To Station
The Jean Genie Intro Cracked Actor
Star Ashes To Ashes
"Heroes" Space Oddity
What In The World? Band Intro
Golden Years Young Americans
Fashion Fame
Let's Dance TVC 15

Breaking Glass


Life On Mars?

The Jean Genie


I Can't Explain

Cat People (Putting Out Fire)

Modern Love

China Girl

Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)

Rebel Rebel
White Light White Heat


A lively audience heard throughout the recording, which is recorded as 2 tracks on each CD.  Bowie sings I Can't Explain which does not appear on the cover art.  Now and then some talking can be heard, from which it can be understood that the tape was made on the 16th row; for someone can be hears saying, 'What number are you?'.  '10, or 11, I'm not sure'.  'What row is this?' then the reply '16th' and at the end of Station To Station someone calls, 'That seat is taken, that seat is taken'.

After Space Oddity, Bowie waits a long time before introducing the band.   After the introductions, Bowie says, 'I am the grand fromage and this is your world...as it turns'.  A few cuts during Young Americans.  Bowie sounds quite cheerful throughout Young Americans and lets the audience complete 'break down and cry'.   At the end of Fame, Bowie waits a long time before singing 'What's your name?', which results in the band playing the outro as often as 6 times.  During The Jean Genie, Bowie sings' Detroit's a go-go' instead of 'New York'.