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Crushed Actor

Athletic Park, Wellington, New Zealand on 26 November 1983



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Source: Audience Sound Quality: CC Art Work: CCC

Gaps between the tracks and numerous other faults make this a crap recording.  But it is the only one that I know in existence.  Although, Pimm Jal de la Parra describes a more complete tape in his publication.


Track Listing


Disc 1 Disc 2
Look Back In Anger Station To Station
Heroes Cracked Actor
What In The World? Ashes To Ashes
Golden Years Space Oddity
Fashion Band Introduction
Let's Dance Young Americans
Breaking Glass Fame
Life On Mars? Star
Sorrow Encore
Cat People (Putting Out Fire) Stay
China Girl


In Wellington, Bowie played before 47, 838 fans.  'Thank you, this is from an album called Low, it's called What In The World', Bowie tells the over-entusiastic and over-excited audience.  'Excuse me', he says after Life On Mars, 'let's try and move back a little bit...don't push, there's no need to push.  Thank you', Bowie says in a quiet voice which gets a little rougher when after Sorrow he has to warn them again.   'OK, you gotta stop pushing there, 'cause people are gonna faint down there.   So just try and ease back alright.  OK now, listen to me carefully, there's somebody down on the ground, get that person up.  There's somebody down on the ground.  Put a light over there.  To your left...there'.  The noisy audience applaude and it seems that Bowie is successful.  'Get that person up.   OK, good' and thanks to Bowie that person gets to his own feet again.  In an angry voice Bowie calls out a little later, ' Now be cool....it's alright OK!'.

After White Light White Heat someone from the organisatoin comes onstage to request the people to remain calm and to see that no-one is trampled under foot.  Bowie takes only a short time tio return for the encore as he probably wanted to get the concert over with as quickly as possible before someone got seriously injured.