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Complete Copenhagen

Tin Machine at Saga Rockteatre, Copenhagen, Denmark 1


Falkoner Teatret, Falkonersalen, Copenhagen, Denmark on 19 October 1991 2



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Source: Audience Sound Quality: CCCC Art Work: CCCCC

I quote Savage Jaw:

'A three disc set that gives us two complete concerts from Copenhagen. Show 1 is from the Saga Rockteater on the 21st June 1989. The sound quality is very good, except after the cut in track 14 the recording uses another source which is slightly inferior. Show 2 is from the Falconer Salen on the 19th October 1991. The sound quality is pretty good, the truncated track Stateside from disc two is repeated on disc three using a different source.'


Track Listing


Disc 1

Intro 1

Sacrifice Yourself 1

Heaven's In Here 1

Amazing 1

Working Class Hero 1

Tin Machine 1

Prisoner Of Love 1

I'm Sorry 1

Country Bus Stop 1

Bus Stop 1

Run 1

I Can't Read 1

Baby Can Dance 1

Pretty Thing 1(cut)

Pretty Thing 1 (complete)

Crack City 1

Under The God 1


Disc 2

Intro 2

Bus Stop 2

Sacrifice Yourself 2

Goodbye Mr. Ed 2

I Can't Read 2

You Can't Talk 2

I'm Sorry 2

One Shot 2

Go Now 2

Stateside 2 (cut)

Betty Wrong 2

Waiting For You 2

Under The God 2

You Belong In Rock 'n' Roll 2

Amlapura 2


Disc 3

Baby Universal 2

Debaser 2

If There Is Something 2

Heaven's In Here 2

Shopping For Girls 2

A Big Hurt 2

Crack City 2

Pretty Thing 2

Stateside 2

Baby Can Dance - from the "Best Of Grunge Rock" cd

Go Now - from the "Ruby Tracks" 3cd set

Betty Wrong  - from "The Crossing" soundtrack