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Chameleon Chronicles Vol 1

The dermateur London Boy changes his image - and goes punking for Mr Pitt

Well, that's what it says on the disc!



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Source: Studio Sound Quality: CCCCC Art Work: CCC


Track Listing


Bowie On Boots 7

Waiting For The Man(Live demo) 5

Gospel According To Tony Day (Buzz) 4

Liza Jane (King Bees) 1

I Pity The Fool (Mannish Boys) 2

Take My Tip (Mannish Boys) 2

Louie Louie Go Home (King Bees) 1

The Superman (Demo) 6

You're Holding Me Down (Buzz) 4

Love You Till Tuesday (Unreleased version) 5

Don't Sit Down (Demo) 5

Lieb 'Dich Bis Dienstag (Unreleased German version) 6

Mit Mir In Deinem Traum (Unreleased German version) 6

All The Madmen (Live demo) 6


Released in 1964 1

Released in 1965 2

Released in 1966 3

Released in 1967 4

Released in 1968 5

Released in 1969 6

Released in 1983 7