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Brixton Academy Second Night

Tin Machine at Brixton Academy, London, UK on 11 November 1991


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Source: Audience Sound Quality: CCC Art Work: Not Yet Available

Unforunately the sound drifts from left toright otherwise it wold be a very good recording


Track Listing


Disc 1 Disc 2

If There Is Something

You Belong In Rock'n'Roll Betty Wrong
Goodbye Mr Ed A Big Hurt


You Can't Talk

Sacrifice Yourself

I've Been Waiting For You

Baby Can Dance


Go Now

Under The God

Shopping For Girls

I'm Sorry

Bus Stop (Country version/Rock version)

Crack City

Pretty Thing

Heaven's In Here/?/I Feel Free/Heaven's In Here

One Shot
Baby Universal
I Can't Read


Everybody was throwing packs of Marlboro at the stage and one hit Bowie in the eye. He carried on for a while, but then went off stage and returned with an eye patch (very Ziggy!) He eventually got bored of the patch after a few songs and threw it away. The main set was excellent, and the band returned for the encours with Bowie saying that they weren't going to do any encours tonight, they were going to do another full set instead, and they proceeded to play for at least another hour.