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Black Tie Affair

Hollywood Centre Studios, Los Angeles, CA, USA on 8 May 1993



Covers Available


Source: Broadcast Sound Quality: CCCCC Art Work: CCCC

KTLA CD 27, who got round to releasing the extras from BTWN before Bowie did.


Track Listing



You've Been Around

Nite Flights

Miracle Goodnight

Black Tie White Noise (featuring Al B Sure)

I Feel Free

I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday

Miracle Goodnight (Clip)

Jump They Say (Clip)

Black Tie White Noise (Clip)

Miracle Goodnight (Clip) (not stated on the cover art)


Bonus Tracks:

Don't Let Me Down - Indonesian Vocal (not You've Been Around, as stated on the cover art)

Like A Rolling Stone - From The Mick Ronson Album 'Heaven And Hull'


On Saturday 8 May 1993 at the Hollywood Centre Studios in Los Angeles, David Bowie was filmed performing 6 tracks from his latest album 'Black Tie White Noise'.  These performance pieces are complemented by exclusive footage of David Bowie talking about his latest album, personal experiences, old and new friendships and much more.