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Beauty Before Outrage

City Hall, Newcastle, UK on 15 June 1978



Covers Available


Source: Audience Sound Quality: CCC Art Work: CCCC

A small skip during the band intro but on the whole good audio quality for 1978.  Alabama Song and Stay are included in the show but omitted from the artwork.


Track Listing


Disc 1 Disc 2
Warszawa Band Intro/Five Years
"Heroes" Soul Love
What In The World? Star
Be My Wife Hang On To Yourself
The Jean Genie Ziggy Stardust
Blackout Suffragette City
Sense Of Doubt Art Decade
Speed Of Life Alabama Song
Breaking Glass Station To Station
Fame Stay
Beauty And The Beast TVC 15
Rebel Rebel



Beauty Before Outrage Information

Hi My name is Zippy Stardust 10.

I am over 40 years old and have been a big fan of David Bowie since about 1973. The first song that made me sit up and listen was “Five Years”. A friend had lent me a tape of
The Rise And Fall of Ziggy Stardust & The Spiders From Mars and it just hit me as I was walking home listening to it in the rain.

I first tried to see David in 1976 at Wembley. My parents had other ideas and refused to let me go. The fact that they had earlier agreed to let me try to get tickets to see my football team, Newcastle United, play at Wembley against Manchester City still baffles me!

At last 1978 came around and Dave came to Newcastle City Hall. I applied and got tickets for all 3 shows. I planned the concerts to the last detail. First night to get the tee shirts, take photographs and take it all in. The second night was to be recorded (more of that in a while) and the last night was to go wild.

It was a hot summer in 1978. I attended the second night dressed in a long trench coat. See the inner cover of David Live for the image I was trying to recreate. Everyone else wore tee shirts and I stood out like a sore thumb. My cassette recorder was strapped to my back under my coat. I got past security put my recorder on the floor under my seat and did the biz.

25 years later I got my PC and asked Shankley to convert the recording to CDR for me. From there I sent it to the Basement for cleaning and made some covers for it.

I called the CDR
Beauty Before Outrage to represent the change of perspective in Bowie’s music in 1978. The CDR is available in trading circles and not for sale from this site.