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Aylesbury Nights

Friar's Club, Aylesbury, UK on 15 & 18 July 1972



Covers Available


Source: Audience Disc 1 Sound Quality: C

Disc 2 Sound Quality: CC

Art Work:CC

The cover dates are inaccurate, which in unusual for OGCD recordings (Bowie didn't play on 17 July 1972).   Sound quality is poor but bearing in mind the technology of the time, this is a piece of Ziggy history that sits proudly amongst my collection.


Track Listing


Disc 1 - 15 July 1972 Disc 2 - 18 July 1972
Ode To Joy Intro Ode To Joy Intro
Hang On To Yourself Hang On To Yourself
Ziggy Stardust Queen Bitch
The Supermen John, I'm Only Dancing
Queen Bitch The Supermen
Song For Bob Dylan Ziggy Stardust
Starman Moonage Daydream
Changes Starman
Five Years This Boy
Space Oddity The Width Of A Circle
Andy Warhol Waiting For The Man
Amsterdam White Light White Heat
I Feel Free Suffragette City
Moonage Daydream Round And Round
I Can't Explain
White Light White Heat
Suffragette City
Waiting For The Man