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Auckland Moonlight

Western Springs Stadium, Auckland, New Zealand on 26 November 1983



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The tape speed and numerous other faults make this a crap recording.  But it does improve and is the only one I know in existence.


Track Listing


Disc 1 Disc 2
Look Back In Anger Station To Station
"Heroes" Cracked Actor
What In The World? Ashes To Ashes
Golden Years Space Oddity
Fashion Band Introduction
Let's Dance Young Americans
Breaking Glass Fame
Life On Mars? Star
Cat People (Putting Out Fire) Encore:
China Girl Stay
Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) The Jean Genie
Rebel Rebel Modern Love
White Light White Heat


'Ladies and gentlemen, on stage for the final New Zealand performance of the 1983 Serious Moonlight Tour - David Bowie and his band.', the announcer yells in his usual sensational manner.  An immense crowd of 74, 480 (yes, you did read that right) watched this show.  'I'd like to say that this is the single biggest crowd ever in the history of Australasian concerts', Bowie says after Heroes.  In Wellington, Bowie played before 47, 838 fans and together with Auckland, this makes 122, 318 in New Zealand, which means as many as 4% of the whole population of this country (only 3 million inhabitants), have seen Bowie.  That is one in 25!  Incredible!

Of course Bowie was shocked by the incidents in Wellington, and was hoping that tonight there would be no trouble.  On the day of this concert the New Zealand Herald wrote: 'British rock singer David Bowie arrived in Auckland last night and delivered a message to the thousands of fans who will hear his concert tonight - enjoy it but behave yourselves.   We are going to have a good time, just as long as people don't throw bottles and act like hooligans.'

They didn't.  The audience were thrilled but calm.  This immense stadium was used in an unusual way.  The stage was not built in one of the far ends - the crescent parts - of the pit, as usual, but at one of the sides.  The stadium lies at the foot of a hill, and there too, amid the trees, seats had been placed.  When darkness fell, the place was dotted with camp fires.  A large area around the stadium was encircled by gates and this whole area was full of people.  It was the largest number of people (US tour excluded) of the tour and this was officially the last concert.   What an atmosphere...........

During the band intro, Bowie says, 'Thank you, good evening.  This is the last night of our tour as you know.  And this is really a very great occasion for us. It's marvellous to have such a beautiful audience, thank you very much.  Who's a beautiful audience then?  I'd like to introduce you to my band....................  From the moment Bowie arrived in Australia, Bowie had been deluged with interviews in which he was asked to give his opinion on the nuclear arms problem.  This is obviously still in his mind, for when he returns for Modern Love holding 2 white doves, he says, 'Thank you.  I'd like to say what a great tour this has been.  I'd like to thank all my crew, everybody who's worked with us, and...and these days it's very hard to express my feelings about anything without feeling very vulnerable.  But I'd like to say that this little dove here....Charlie dove, I'd like it to be recognised as far as I am concerned that is, I wish our world leaders would stop their insane inability to recognise (rising applause) that we wish to live peaceful!'.  The audience produce an immense roar - 'God bless you', Bowie concludes and releases the doves.

I told him he's to go and find lady dove and get laid.  He's waiting for the lady dove.  You know, this is young James from Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence - my brother. A young New Zealand  lad.  He likewise has got his album and this one's from New Zealand.  You see they ? Where's my band?'